Release timing

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Jan 19 22:37:15 UTC 2005

Stuart Donaldson wrote:
> Trying to reset on some arbitrary calendar basis, based on the last 
> freeze, would appear to open Bugzilla up to an abnormally long 
> stabilization effort, causing problems.

I would note, though, that the amount of stabilisation time required is 
not really a function of the scheduling :-)

> What about the idea of "Freezing" 4 months after a release, allowing for 
> an estimated 2 month stabilization time, give or take some arbitrarily 
> long time like Bugzilla just experienced.  

Replace the 4 with a 5, and the 2 with a 1 (as 1 month is how long Dave 
estimates stabilisation for 6-month cycles will take) and that's 
basically what I'm also suggesting :-)


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