Documentation for the release

Jake jake at
Sun Jan 16 14:59:20 UTC 2005

Gervase Markham wrote:

>> throwing ideas "into the wind" (with very little forethought) would 
>> it be a  good idea to use html as the base document format, and 
>> generate text and pdf
>> from the html?
> HTML doesn't really have the semantic range we need, IMO.
> My copy of Mandrake had all the necessary packages installed; I just 
> had to set up a few environment variables as it says in 
> Other distros may not be so lucky; but perhaps we should investigate 
> why it's so hard on Windows, and try and provide documentation to make 
> it easier?
Redhat, IIRC, is much the same way. I may have had to get the stylesheet 
for, I really don't remember, but Jade and friends were already 
installed. The docs (2.18 final and 2.19.2) are also compatible with 
xmlto. I don't know how well, or even if at all, this installs on 
Windows, but if it does, that could be an alternative. For the time 
being, the "official" docs will continue to be built by jade, but that 
may (or may not) change in the future.

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