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Shane H. W. Travis travis at
Thu Jan 13 22:07:08 UTC 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Gervase Markham wrote:

> Our usual practice is to try to fix all docs bugs before the release. Is
> that what's going to happen here?

It is? Then how did *any* previous releases make it out the door? ;)

In this case, it's just not going to get done -- not completely, anyway.
Jake has been away for a year, and was briefly active again but has now lost
the access he had during that period. I'm the only other one that has really
done any work on docs during most of that time (that I can see), although
vlad was kind enough to review and check things in before I had privs to do
so myself.

I've been helping push 2.18 from a code standpoint in the last two weeks;
prior to that I was doing almost exclusively documentation and trying to get
things caught up. My intent is to get back to docs in the immediate future
(i.e. next 7 days or so). First priority is new docs for enhancements, then
after that I'll start fixing up the errors.

> Is anyone allowed to dive in and fix docs, or do I need to coordinate
> with someone?

Jake, Dave, Vlad and I had a discussion about this, and it resulted in the
following consensus;

1) Anyone can make a patch for a docs bug, same as for a regular bug.
2) Someone else on the docs team has to give it an r+ before it can be
	checked in. It should be correct in three ways before it gets
	that r+; grammatically, informationally, and SGML-wise.
3) Approval is unnecessary. r+ == a+ so it can be checked in after one
	positive review.

If you (Gerv) want to help review my docs patches, that'd be very useful; I
expect there to be a fair few of them in the next few days. There have been
two already sitting in the review queue for at least a couple of weeks while
Jake is busy in Iraq and vlad is... well, I don't know why vlad isn't
reviewing them, honestly.

If you (Gerv) want to help by *writing* docs... please hit the ones in the
Bugzilla Documentation Component... especially the ones you know the answers
to  -- 274509, 275701, anything you originated, and probably anything to do
with LDAP.

If anyone *else* wants to help on docs bugs, I'd appreciate it, especially
if it's a docs bug for an enhancement that you wrote. You don't even have to
be perfect; just get down as much info as you can in a .txt file and attach
it to the bug. Some of these enhancements I don't know anything about, so
more information will stop me from having to hunt you down. ;)

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