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Fr édéric Buclin) LpSolit at
Tue Jan 11 17:59:55 UTC 2005

Maxwell Kanat-Alexander <mkanat at> wrote:
>I think we should release 2.18 -- it works, it's releaseable, and we NEED to release something.

I agree with mkanat, we should release 2.18 soon with the 3 remaining blockers fixed (if they really need to be fixed for 2.18.0, or can they be for the 2.18.1 release only?). Administrators who have already upgraded to 2.18rc3 may be confused to see 2.18 final (or even 2.18rc4) with so much differences compared to 2.18rc3 if we merge it with 2.19.1+. 2.18 is much better than 2.16; let's go and release it.

>  If branch management is the long-term concern, then we should release the hold on 2.20 for now and freeze again for it in March. That will still give us only about 7 - 9 months of open development on 2.20, which should be easily manageable.

Opening the trunk again and checking in all these waiting patches sounds good to me. We could also decide to release 2.20 only when Bugzilla is fully templatized. Bug 190226 (editversions.cgi) is ready for approval and bug 119485 (editusers.cgi) is awaiting review. Only two bugs (about templatization) are waiting for some developers to write a patch. This is doable in the following few months and would be a good occasion to release 2.20, IMO.

Then, we could freeze the trunk and open it again as soon as 2.20rc1 is released, so that we don't block patch checkins for a too long time.

Frédéric Buclin

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