Modifying Bugzilla to track a bug across multiple versions

john fisher john.fisher at
Fri Jan 7 19:06:41 UTC 2005

Keoni, we have a similar problem. We make a switch board with different
chipsets etc. Our software has some code that spans all types, and some
code is specific to a chipset or backplane. We use CVS.

First, I added a second Version, version-fixed-in, and changed version
to be version-found-in, so a single bug has a code version where Test
knows it should be fixed (and all versions later).
Then we had to branch the code tree to accommodate new chipsets.
Second, I added a new field, Branch, which is a text label that applies
to a series of code versions, in a unique relationship.
Third I added the concept of clones- a cloned bug is a separate bug,
which originated from some earlier bug. There is no dependency.
After adding some UI and search capability, the software manager can do
the following:
When a bug is found in a code branch, which also exists in a different
code branch ( different files or versions of files ), he clones the
first bug, passing along all its information, and changes the branch on
the new bug. Now he can track two bugs, and Test knows when and where
they should be testing the bug fix. The process is the same if the
hardware platform is different.
When a new branch of the code is created, the manager branches multiple
bugs so we can track fixes in two places.

I'd be happy to provide details or explanation off-line, if any of this
is helpful.


On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 23:03 -0800, Keoni Jacobsen wrote:

> Here is the situation: we have bugs and we have different versions of
> our product. ...

John Fisher at Znyx Networks
Santa Barbara office
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