Security release needed

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Jan 3 19:51:20 UTC 2005

J. Paul Reed wrote:
> You *JUST* said "2.19.2 could go at any time, really - it's just a
> development release."
> And now, it has to go out "today or tomorrow?"
> Which is it?
> And if it is "just a development release," why does it have to go out
> "today or tomorrow?"

Because we are doing a security release, we have to release all three at 
the same time. (That's been the practice in the past, at any rate.) I 
would like this to happen "today or tomorrow", and am looking for the 
best ways to make that happen. 2.16.8 is ready to go. 2.19.2 is ready to 
go. If we all work hard, we can make 2.18 final ready to go today or 

A release called 2.19.2 could go out at any time, as I stated, because 
it's "just a development release". But I don't think we are ready for a 
release called 2.20rc1, for the reasons I gave in my last mail.

Apologies if this wasn't clear first time round.


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