Migrating templates to UTF-8?

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Wed Feb 23 19:19:08 UTC 2005

VFedrushkov at chel.LUKoil.com wrote:

> Anyone already went through the process of converting templates into UTF-8?
> As CVS knows nothing about encodings, there won't be much sense in CVS 
> deltas around that point.
> Is there any workaround?

I'm not sure offhand what CVS would do, I think it just treats it as 
8-bit data, and probably slightly sloppily if it matches something that 
looks like an RCS keyword.  I'm cross-posting this to the developers 
list as I don't think the localizers list has that big of an audience 
(and was really only intended for distributing template-related security 
information to the template authors prior to security releases).

We do have UTF-8 data in CVS currently, both in the Bugzilla source code 
for contributors' names, as well as in the website source, and haven't 
run into any problems with it, but we might just be lucky.

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