Checksetup Regression Testing

Maxwell Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Wed Feb 23 10:08:57 UTC 2005

	Hey there.

	I've written a script that tests for regressions by
upgrading from every released version of Bugzilla to the current one.
That is, it has a copy of all the old versions' databases, and it just
goes through them all and upgrades them.

	It's reporting to <
tree=Bugzilla> as "checksetup landfill." You can see it in the tree.

	Whenever you want to figure out what's wrong with it, just look at the
very bottom of the log -- that's where we print out a summary of stderr
for the whole run.

	If you come up with any enhancements that you'd like to see in the
script, file a bug in the category and assign it to me. :-)

	For more details about the current script, see:

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