Editable long desc (was: Re: getting first comment from longdescs for RSS support)

Andreas Franke afranke at mathweb.org
Mon Feb 14 11:55:25 UTC 2005

Stuart Donaldson wrote:

> Actually, this reminds me of a question I was going to ask.  Is it 
> really best to have the Long description be the first comment?  
> Wouldn't it be better to have a separate field for this, and then 
> allow editing the long description (with change tracking of course) so 
> it can be revised?  I have often questioned the fact that you must 
> always read through a rather long list of comments to understand the 
> bug because sometimes comments will clarify the initial description.
> Seems like the comments and long description are logically different. 
> Shouldn't they be treated differently?

I mostly agree. You can find my view on this in these bugs:


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