Minimal version of Mail::Mailer

byron bugzilla at
Fri Feb 11 08:49:14 UTC 2005

> Besides the .rpm, which I think it represents a wrong direction, we 
> still have the makefile thing to explore,

<windows hat>
let's avoid a makefile please.
</windows hat>

> as well as an automatic that will ask the user: "Do you want
> to automatically run for you perl -MCPAN etc? Warning: if you
> press Y to continue you must be logged in as root..."

good idea.  create a bug :)  we can do the same with ppm.

> This is an example of getting the big picture: watch the forrest as a 
> whole; ignore the trees for a moment and think about how you could 
> improve the system overall, in order to scale for future growth and needs.

yeah, but you can't ignore the details and just focus on the big picture.  in
this case i think that ensuring we require a version of a perl module that's
bundled with populate distros is important, especially as i know of a large
number of sysadmins who won't install a module unless it's packaged as a


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