Time to Resolution / Time to Closure

Joel Peshkin bugreport at peshkin.net
Mon Feb 7 16:27:34 UTC 2005

Kevin Benton wrote:

> My employer is looking for a number of improvements in the reporting 
> capabilities of Bugzilla. One key feature they’re asking for is 
> TTR/TTC. It seems to me that adding this kind of feature will help win 
> more support from managers not only at AMD, but at other companies as 
> well as this type of reporting helps demonstrate engineer performance.
> I’ve heard it said that “giving back performance reports isn’t part of 
> the core functionality of Bugzilla” at this time. I think that this is 
> one reason why some companies may not want to use Bugzilla as much as 
> they could otherwise use it. Many companies that are process and 
> performance focused look specifically for tools that can give them 
> these very types of reports. I know that here, performance reports 
> help us tremendously. I believe that certain types of performance 
> reports ought to be reconsidered like this one, if for no other reason 
> than to win more support from management levels, not just engineers 
> who like Bugzilla as a tool.
> ---

It is useful. If you'll write it... I'll review it. Just don't over-rely 
on the activity log, it is not a journal that can always be smoothly 
rolled back.


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