[cgiapp] SVN with integrated bug tracker Was: Status of upcoming

John Fisher john.fisher at znyx.com
Mon Sep 27 17:59:42 UTC 2004

I struggled with this issue, and I don't agree.
Here's my argument:

The bug report has a different life cycle from the trouble ticket. There 
is Test dept work with bugs, and none with tickets. Bug reporting most 
likely will not want direct customer input and/or access. Tickets do 
require customer data and may require customer access. Bug reports may 
be viewed as part of a ticket system, but usually they are not given to 
customers. ( OK you could argue Microsoft does this, but I say they give 
out workarounds not bug reports, and anyway they aren't my model.)
The tech support personnel aren't the same users as developers, and 
developers don't need the tech support data until it becomes a bug.

So I opted for giving my trouble ticket system access to Bugzilla to 
read bugs, and the capability to note bug numbers within tickets.

Christopher Hicks wrote:

> I'd like trouble tickets to be handled as basically bugs minus a few 
> extraneous things.

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