Grumpy "Bugzilla" article on OSNews

David Miller justdave at
Thu Sep 23 23:44:01 UTC 2004

Christopher Hicks wrote:
> This is a very bitchy article, but the only reason it mentions bugzilla 
> specifically is because its the most popular OSS bug tracker.  The 
> author ("Dennis Heuer, is a 34-years old german social scientist 
> concentrating on human-computer-interaction (HCI) and e-learning.") is 
> complaining about the way people treat bug reporters via bugzilla.
> Since he's complaining specifically about how bugs have been dealt with 
> on the mozilla project one of you in moz officialdom might want to see 
> if he's full of it or if he's got a valid beef.

Already been done, many times over. :)  Read the reader comments on the 
bottom of the article.

Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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