[ham] [market analysis] GForge 4.0 released, includes custom

Kristis Makris mkgnu at gmx.net
Tue Oct 26 17:13:56 UTC 2004

> cvs-GForge integration (plugin): Done
> When committing to CVS, you can include Task and Bug IDs in the commit
> message. GForge then parses these ID's and links your changes into the
> database so you can see which files were changed to complete a task or fix
> a bug. (Francisco Gimeno)
> SCM Refactoring: Done
> GForge now uses plugins to provide SCM tool integration. We have full
> plugins for CVS and Subversion and a skeleton plugin for Clear Case.
> (Roland Mas, Christian Bayle)

Well there goes my evil plan... time to start harassing the GForge guys!

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