[market analysis] GForge 4.0 released, includes custom fields

Vlad Dascalu vladd at bugzilla.org
Tue Oct 26 12:33:14 UTC 2004


GForge 4.0 is finally released at:


The major changes include:

Role-based access controls: Done
RBAC unifies all the access information for a project into roles. Each
member can be assigned a role, rather than forcing the admin to tediously
check all the permissions each user has. Default roles for each project
include Admin, Sr Developer, Jr Developer, Doc Writer, and Support Tech.
All non-members of the project are controlled by the "Observer" role. (Tim

cvs-GForge integration (plugin): Done
When committing to CVS, you can include Task and Bug IDs in the commit
message. GForge then parses these ID's and links your changes into the
database so you can see which files were changed to complete a task or fix
a bug. (Francisco Gimeno)

SCM Refactoring: Done
GForge now uses plugins to provide SCM tool integration. We have full
plugins for CVS and Subversion and a skeleton plugin for Clear Case.
(Roland Mas, Christian Bayle)

"Unlimited Fields" in tracker: Done
The GForge tracker has the option of adding "unlimited" numbers of
additional fields, like Radio Buttons, pop-up boxes, text fields and text
areas, for each tracker. (Tony Pugliese, Tim Perdue)

Reporting: Done
Major cleanup and rewrite of statistics systems. Dozens of pretty graphs
and charts in hundreds of combinations. Includes task manager time
tracking and reporting. (Tim Perdue)

WebDAV: Done
The ability to control access to large numbers of DAV directories on a
project-by-project basis. Used also to control Subversion-over-DAV.

Subversion: Done
Francisco Gimeno has updated his mod_auth_gforge module for Apache 2.0 so
it works with Subversion.

Forum<->email gateway: Done
Tim Perdue rewrote Sung Kim's email gateway so the forums can now receive
text comments in response to messages instead of forcing users to click a
URL to respond.

Tracker <-> Email gateway: You can respond to bugs and other tracker items
via email, similar to the forum gateway mentioned above.

Online Training: Done
The GForge Group is offering self-guided online training for GForge 4.0,
which covers most if not all features of GForge 4.0.

Web Services: Done
The GForge Tracker, Task Manager, User and Group API is exposed as a SOAP
web service. This code should be considered raw.

Vlad Dascalu      Developer, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System

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