Bug suggestions

Myk Melez myk at mozilla.org
Tue Oct 26 03:45:57 UTC 2004

Gervase Markham wrote:

> Joel Peshkin wrote:
>> Component watching
> Yes :-). All those patches are tied together;

I think component watching can actually be implemented much more simply 
without rewriting email preferences and filtering at all, as useful as 
those rewrites may be.  Component watching would also be well served by 
inclusions and exclusions lists similar to those used for flag types 
(but with better worded UI), since such lists make specifying multiple 
components easier.

I've attached a small, simple patch to the component watching bug 76794 
with the backend changes for inclusions/exclusions-based component 
watching.  The frontend changes are also relatively simple (trivial, in 
fact, once the inclusions/exclusions UI is factored out of the flag type 
code, as I've done in bug 261181, pending review): add 
inclusions/exclusions list controls to the email preferences page and 
list processing code to userprefs.cgi.


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