custom Bug IDs?

David Miller justdave at
Mon Oct 25 21:33:47 UTC 2004

Dave Williss wrote:
> We're considering converting our in-house error database to use 
> Bugzilla. However we have one customization that we'd like to know if 
> it's possible...
> Our problem IDs are formatted as a three-letter code (the initials of 
> the person reporting the error) followed by a 4 digit sequence number.  
> Is it possible to customize Bugzilla to produce error codes in this way?

There's an alias feature that lets you name bugs (as long as it starts 
with a letter, you can include numbers in it).  aliases can be used 
interchangeably with the bug IDs almost everywhere you can put a bug ID. 
  It probably wouldn't be too hard to hack post_bug.cgi to automatically 
assign an alias based on your criteria when a new bug is filed.

Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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