custom Bug IDs?

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Oct 25 21:17:00 UTC 2004

Dave Williss wrote:
> We're considering converting our in-house error database to use 
> Bugzilla. However we have one customization that we'd like to know if 
> it's possible...
> Our problem IDs are formatted as a three-letter code (the initials of 
> the person reporting the error) followed by a 4 digit sequence number.  
> Is it possible to customize Bugzilla to produce error codes in this way?

Not internally.

You could approximate it, though. For example, if it's just an in-house 
database, and people's email addresses are their initials (like at my 
company) then you could:

- Use emailsuffix so that login names were initials
- Wherever there's a bug number, print out the filer's login first (i.e. 
their initials)
- Make and other code areas understand the new format - 
basically, throw away the letters.

This would mean that you'd end up with sequence numbers starting at GRM1 
rather than GRM0001, and that there would never be two bugs with the 
same sequence number, and sequence numbers would eventually have more 
than four digits, but it's fairly close.


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