Changing flags on multiple bugs at once.

Stuart Donaldson stu at
Thu Oct 21 01:12:30 UTC 2004

Myk Melez wrote:

> Stuart Donaldson wrote:
>> I have come up with a patch that lets me see flags in the reports, 
>> adding columns for Flags+, Flags-, and Flags?  and displaying in 
>> those columns all flags in the respective categories.
> That sounds useful.  Could you file a bug report about it and attach 
> your patch?

Ok, see:


>> I am lead to wonder if I am approaching this in the wrong way.  I had 
>> been using keywords, however the main problem with keywords is that 
>> someone has to type them in, and there isn't a convenient 
>> selection/picker for it.  Neither is there a way to put any 
>> restriction on some keywords apply to some products and not others.
> Keyword pickers are available (I wrote one early in my Bugzilla 
> hacking days), although AFAIK none has ever gone through review and 
> been checked in.  Nonetheless, you're right that keywords can't be 
> product-specific, and flags were partly designed to provide a better 
> solution for some problems previously solved by keywords, so they may 
> be what you want.

Where can I find a keyword picker?  That might help a lot.  My 
requirements for product specific keywords are not as important, and 
keywords are easier to search on, without having to resort to the booleans.


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