Changing flags on multiple bugs at once.

Myk Melez myk at
Wed Oct 20 23:12:51 UTC 2004

Stuart Donaldson wrote:

> I have come up with a patch that lets me see flags in the reports, 
> adding columns for Flags+, Flags-, and Flags?  and displaying in those 
> columns all flags in the respective categories.

That sounds useful.  Could you file a bug report about it and attach 
your patch?

> However the problem of changing multiple flags at a time is more elusive.

This is certainly doable, although getting the UI right may be hard.  
You would need to hack the "change several bugs at once" form to include 
flags.  Perhaps for each flag you could add an additional control for 
specifying whether to add or delete the flag (just as keywords has a 
menu for specifying whether to add the listed keywords, delete them, or 
make them match the entered string exactly).

>   Furthermore, i would like to be able to query on flags.

This is currently possible via the boolean chart.

> I am lead to wonder if I am approaching this in the wrong way.  I had 
> been using keywords, however the main problem with keywords is that 
> someone has to type them in, and there isn't a convenient 
> selection/picker for it.  Neither is there a way to put any 
> restriction on some keywords apply to some products and not others.

Keyword pickers are available (I wrote one early in my Bugzilla hacking 
days), although AFAIK none has ever gone through review and been checked 
in.  Nonetheless, you're right that keywords can't be product-specific, 
and flags were partly designed to provide a better solution for some 
problems previously solved by keywords, so they may be what you want.

Note however that you could add product-specificity to keywords.  I have 
a patch currently awaiting review that makes the product/component 
inclusions/exclusions ("clusions") code be independent of the flag type 
code so that it can be used in other parts of Bugzilla for 
product/component specificity.  Using that patch, you could add such 
specificity to kewords.


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