What are bugs? Are bugs really work items?

Christian Robottom Reis kiko at async.com.br
Tue Oct 19 11:29:01 UTC 2004

On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 11:08:42AM -0700, msew at ev1.net wrote:
> >Bugzilla already has a lot of task management features, but the ones it's 
> >got are meant to provide minimum functionality for people who don't need 
> >the big guns on it.
> So can someone either point me to a bug that lists out what is missing / 
> needing to be added to bugzilla?   And if that doesn't exist, can someone 
> throw down the gauntlet and specify what their vision of bug or task or job 
> or work item or enhancement or feature request are and how they are 
> different.  :-)

As you can see, either we lack no features or nobody's interested in
actually saying what they are ;-)

In my book, bits and pieces I miss are:

    - Bug type: An enum of localconfig-defined values that can be used
      to define what that bug represents -- a code error, a user
      request, an enhancement request, an operational mistake, and
      anything else which may or may not indicate a need to change

    - A deadline field (patch in hand and approved, awaiting checkin)

    - The ability to easily create dependent or blocking bugs from one
      bug -- this would make it a one-click deal to generate a child bug
      to which we'd only need to enter a summary and description.

    - A way to view a time-cut summary of comments posted to a `bug
      subtree' so you can get an overview of all the activity done on
      that bug 

    - I have entertained before an idea of a "parent bug" field that
      would *not* be the same as blocks. I am still thinking this one

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