What are bugs? Are bugs really work items?

msew at ev1.net msew at ev1.net
Thu Oct 14 18:08:42 UTC 2004

At 16:30 2004-10-13, David Miller wrote:

>Gervase Markham wrote:
>>Rereading the thread, the bug in question was "Separate enhancements from 
>>severity field / Bug classification field", which is hardly "going for 
>>task management". Unless I've misunderstood what you are after when you 
>>say you want task management.
>>(Again, all this is subject to Dave diving in and saying "Actually, task 
>>management is where we are going. Ride on, cowboy!")
>Bugzilla already has a lot of task management features, but the ones it's 
>got are meant to provide minimum functionality for people who don't need 
>the big guns on it.
>I'm fairly hesitant to add any more to it directly...  that said, we have 
>a lot of good infrastructure in place now to be able to have 3rd party 
>plugins/add-on packs that do such things, and I would absolutely not 
>hesitate in the least to expand the APIs as needed to make something like 
>that work as a plugin.

 From the recent posts, within the last month or two, I don't think I have 
yet seen a list of what specific functionality bugzilla is missing for task 
management.  Or even what is really different from a bug or task or job or 
work item or enhancement or feature request.  Semantic discussions are 
great when they result in a list of differences and a plan on how to 
resolve those differences.  Be it API additions, core changes, UI changes, 
a new page that does some spiffy query to show something that is not shown 
currently, etc.

So can someone either point me to a bug that lists out what is missing / 
needing to be added to bugzilla?   And if that doesn't exist, can someone 
throw down the gauntlet and specify what their vision of bug or task or job 
or work item or enhancement or feature request are and how they are 
different.  :-)

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