Testcase-to-Bug Relationship

Lee Ivy lee at netzentry.com
Tue Oct 19 00:55:05 UTC 2004

As I stated in my previous posting, I think one-testcase-to-many-bugs is 
a reasonable compromise.

On your question about whether to relate bugs to testcases or to steps 
of testcases -- I don't see the value of the extra complexity created by 
the step-to-bug requirement, and I think most QA people would be annoyed 
if you asked them to follow such a model. And the mapping still may not 
be one-to-one:  what if 2 bad things happened at once?

Better to keep it simple and make sure there is at least 1 bug logged 
for every failed test case.

Remember, too, that it's reasonable for some bugs to be logged that are 
not associated with any test case. At one place I worked, we called them 
"falling off a log" bugs -- an example would be an exception or crash 
that just happened when you were navigating around the system getting 
ready to start a test. The name meant that you weren't even trying to 
break the system yet, you just ran into the bug and could not avoid it.


viraj dhumal wrote:

>        I am a software developer from india. we have
>developed a TESTCASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which works as
>an ADD-ON OVER BUGZILLA. In our system the
>Testcase-to-Bug relationship is one-to-one. But the QA
>persons in our company have suggested that the a
>testcase should be associated with multiple bugs. we
>are confused that if the relationship can be
>one-to-many(testcase-bug) then why not many-to-many. 
>      But many-to-many relationship will be too
>complex. Also developers from the mailing list
>suggested to keep the relationship as one-to-many. 
>      Now in our TCM we are creating a Testcase as 
>a sequence of STEPS. each step of a testcase has 
>2.expected result
>3.actual result
>4.status(pass, fail)
>The testcase status is the AND-ING of steps status. 
>now consider the case of one-to-many
>my query is whether to explicitly relate a bug to a
>step of the testcase.In that case the no. of bugs
>associated with a testcase will be limited to the no
>of steps in that testcase.
>whether to keep no explicit relation between bug and
>test step, but only a one-to-many relation betn
>testcase and bug.
> Please Reply...............
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