which version for a new non uber critical production installation

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Thu Oct 14 18:41:25 UTC 2004

msew at pobox.com wrote:
>  From the mailing list and the 2.18 blocking statue page, it seems that 
> 2.18 rc3 and 2.19.1 and 2.16 release are all ?imminent? :-)
> So for someone who is doing their first installation and first usage of 
> bugzilla which should I use?   I have been eagerly awaiting 2.18rc3  as 
> it seemed to be the version of choice.   But from some posts on the 
> mailing list it seems that 2.19.1 is going to have a bunch of changes to 
> make bugzilla more extensible.
> Any idea when 2.18rc3 and 2.19.1 are going to be released?  And which 
> one should I go for?

Yeah, I've been saying "any hour now" for the last 2 days.  There's 
about 3 hours worth of stuff left to do (which is basically roll the 
tarballs and fix up the web pages).  Just a matter of finding time to do 
it.  Hopefully sometime today.

2.19.x is actually pretty darn "stable" right now as far as lack of 
problems.  If we weren't so far behind on the 2.18 release, I would 
actually be calling it 2.20rc1 instead of 2.19.1, but that just feels 
wrong when 2.18 isn't even released yet. :)

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