Some contributions

Paulo Casanova paulo.casanova at
Wed Oct 13 09:40:34 UTC 2004

Hi all,

In my company we're using bugzilla and we need some extra features some 
of which are bugs already reported in We have 
some effort to spend on fixing some things so I would like to discuss 
whether it makes sense commiting those changes to the main BZ dev 

1. One simple feature we have already implemented (and I think it made 
some sense commiting) is disable account creation. BZ now allows 
disabling anonymous users so disabling account creation is a logical 
step IMHO. Does it make sense? Should I post a bug with it and attach a 

2. Custom fields (bug #91047). Although some people disagree with the 
need of custom fields, in IT we must do what we're paid for (I won't 
argue about this). We're ready to start working on this one but I would 
like some guidance.

I am thinking following the plan in comment #239:

(1) The basic functionality of custom fields is:
   enter_bug.cgi: The ability to enter data into a custom text field
   show_bug.cgi: The ability to see the data from entered custom text 

(2) An shell-based admin tool to manage custom fields.

(3) In order for this to become useful for most users:
   query.cgi: The ability to search custom fields

(4) Ability to track custom fields in the bug activity.

(5) Custom fields of different types, such as Select or Radio.

(6) Control of Custom fields through templates.

(7) Ability to do mass-changes of custom fields.

So, as a first step I would work on step 1 & 2. Any feedback is 
appreciated. Thanks,


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