Standard reports

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Mon Nov 22 16:15:19 UTC 2004

Kevin Benton wrote:

>I hope not.  Here, we need those types of reports.
>We're looking for things like:
>Avg. Time to Resolution over a period (i.e. a week)
># of bugs reopened over a period
>Time bug assigned to a particular group (TIQ)
>Avg. Time to Assignment (from New) over a period
># of bugs in a group's queue
># of bugs resolved over a particular period
No argument about the usefullness of those types of report.  However, 
getting the data will require you to have a very sophisticated report 
generator access the underlying schema directly.  All of the information 
exists, but it is not always in the friendliest form.  For example,  
time to resolution involves using the date created (from the bug table) 
and the resolution date (by finding the most recent appropriate entry in 
the activity log).

Similar complexities abound for the other queries.

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