[ham] Goals for 2.22?

Kevin Benton kevin.benton at amd.com
Wed Nov 17 19:16:52 UTC 2004

What I do to help me plan overall decisions that aren't necessarily
time-based is to use a 7-habits method of priority setting.  It's a two-part
prioritization method that categorizes priorities based on urgency and
importance, then task sequence.

"A" tasks are those that I consider fires that are both urgent and
important.  Answering the phone can be an A task for a sales person.

"B" tasks are those I consider important but not urgent.  For me, planning
my day is a B task.

"C" tasks are urgent, but not very important.  Making it to the store before
closing may be urgent, but when the refrigerator is already full and I'm
using it as an excuse to put off something else, that makes it a C task.

"D" tasks are neither very urgent nor important.  Playing a game could be a
perfect example for someone who has already played enough.


A1 - Take daughter to hospital.
A4 - Put gas in car before going home.
B1 - Spend time with wife
B2 - Plan tomorrow's events

Without having seen the roadmap, I would suggest to the community that we
classify issues utilizing this type of method first with an overall picture,
then by looking at the release time with a goal of having certain features /
fixes completed by then.  If this is already being done, great :)

On my plate at the moment is upgrading a number of installations from
various versions all to 2.19.1.  Once that's complete, then I can start
looking at helping with the development here. :)


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David Miller wrote:
> Kevin Benton wrote:
>> It seems this question begs a bigger one.  I wonder - is there a planned
>> feature roadmap published for Bugzilla?
> Yeah, the one on the website currently is WAY out of date.  Getting that 
> (and a couple other pages) on the website updated is on my priorities 
> this week.

And community feedback on what should be there is of course welcome. 
But keep in mind that we are on time-based releases now, so it needs to 
realistically represent what we think we can accomplish between now and 
March 2005.

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