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David Miller justdave at
Fri Nov 12 19:10:49 UTC 2004

Kevin Benton wrote:

> How would the community receive a change adding an 
> additional level of hierarchy of tracking?  I would like to add Category 
> as a parent to Product (and will locally) so that we can track different 
> categories of problems such as software, hardware, process, etc.

Already been done. :)  Grab 2.19.1

> I’m also wondering how others in this list feel about the overall design 
> of Bugzilla with respect to object-oriented-ness and how easy/difficult 
> it is to maintain the field listings.  It seems to me that at this 
> point, when a user wants to make a change, they must touch a number of 
> files to add a new field for example.  I would have hoped that a field 
> definition table would contain all the pertinent information and that 
> routines would be defined relative to that table.  I really like how 
> Bugzilla uses the TT, but I have to wonder, is there a way to make it 
> easier to manage the display of information?

This has been the topic of huge debates. :)  Rather than hash it all out 
again, you should have a look at the (LONG) conversation in and the archives of 
this list for the month of March 2004.

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