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Kevin Benton kevin.benton at
Fri Nov 12 19:02:13 UTC 2004

For those that have not yet met me in this list, my name is Kevin and I will
be doing Perl/Bugzilla development/administration over the next twelve
months or more for AMD.  My boss has asked me to become an active part of
this community and where it makes sense, to contribute code to the public
versions of Bugzilla.


Currently, AMD has a number of Bugzilla databases used to track a number of
different product types.  This has become problematic because the code has
forked, each having its own version, some based on 2.17.3, some on 2.17.4.
How would the community receive a change adding an additional level of
hierarchy of tracking?  I would like to add Category as a parent to Product
(and will locally) so that we can track different categories of problems
such as software, hardware, process, etc.


I'm also wondering how others in this list feel about the overall design of
Bugzilla with respect to object-oriented-ness and how easy/difficult it is
to maintain the field listings.  It seems to me that at this point, when a
user wants to make a change, they must touch a number of files to add a new
field for example.  I would have hoped that a field definition table would
contain all the pertinent information and that routines would be defined
relative to that table.  I really like how Bugzilla uses the TT, but I have
to wonder, is there a way to make it easier to manage the display of


Kevin Benton

Perl/Bugzilla Developer

Advanced Micro Devices



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