Controlling the # of remembered queries that have quick links

Lee Ivy lee at
Tue Nov 9 21:44:24 UTC 2004

This is probably an easy question. We are running bugzilla 2.16.7.

When a user saves a "remembered query", a handy link appears at the 
bottom of nearly every screen, allowing one-click access to the query. 
This is a cool feature.

But on our system, when a user creates his 3rd remembered query, the 
feature does not kick in -- the quick links show "My Bugs" and the first 
2 remembered queries.

I assume he is hitting some sort of limit, and I'm hoping that limit is 
easily changed, but I looked thru "edit parameters" and did not see what 
I was looking for.

How is this controlled and how difficult is it to allow more than 2? 
(and is there a penalty, performance or otherwise, for doing so)?

By the way, I have seen the announcements about newer versions of 
bugzilla being available, we really will get around to trying them, we 
just have other pressing things to worry about at the moment.


/Lee Ivy
QA Architect
netZentry, Inc.
lee at
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