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Mon Mar 29 08:45:51 UTC 2004

On 3/29/2004 10:29 AM +0200, <boris at> wrote:

> i'd like to implement several (4-5) lifecycles acting together. Typically,
> dependancies should be tracked through records of all of these workflows.
> I thought about multiple instances of bugzilla running on one or more
> database, interacting together.
> but i fear a major change.. if it's possible. I'm going to have a deeper
> look in 2.17.7, but i may need to use 2.16.5 for production purposes.

We've already frozen for 2.18.  Based on current progress at getting past
the freeze, it'll likely be about a month or a little more before it's
actually released, but it's coming soon.

> So here are my questions:
> * has someone already done such a work ?
> * what do developers think about running multiples instances of bugzilla
> together ?

You'll need to explain a little more of what you have in mind before I can
give a really good answer, but it's usually more headache than it's worth.
If your main concern is separating users from each other, then the group
security can usually accomplish that within the same Bugzilla.

As for inter-Bugzilla dependencies, I'm working on that currently for my
employer.  Initial implementation (I'd give it at least a month yet, and
probably won't be in upstream Bugzilla until 2.19.1 or so) will allow you
to have a bug "watch" a bug on another bug system and, via a cron job, will
post status changes to the upstream bug as comments in the local bug.  It's
basically a one-way dependency - the upstream system wouldn't get any
notification of changes to your bug.
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