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Mon Mar 29 08:29:37 UTC 2004

hi all ;

first of all thanks to all for the good job. bugzilla is one of these big
open source software which can (and do) introduce a new mind in
professional IT. althought "open source" spirit is not fully understood --
but we're on the right way, if we keep up the fight.

hum; technically.. i'v been looking for this through the web, discussion
groups, but i still have no hints.

i'd like to implement several (4-5) lifecycles acting together. Typically,
dependancies should be tracked through records of all of these workflows.
I thought about multiple instances of bugzilla running on one or more
database, interacting together.
but i fear a major change.. if it's possible. I'm going to have a deeper
look in 2.17.7, but i may need to use 2.16.5 for production purposes.

So here are my questions:
* has someone already done such a work ?
* what do developers think about running multiples instances of bugzilla
together ?


Boris Baldassari

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