Partial custom fields design document

Daniel Berlin dberlin at
Fri Mar 26 18:21:36 UTC 2004

>> People like Sean have tried to do this, but the discussion seems to 
>> be complicating things more and more...
> That's because it _is_ complicated :-)

Only because it's continually being made more and more complicated by 
nit-picking it to death.
It doesn't have to be extremely complicated.

>> further delaying ANY sort of implementation.
> There is already one, and perhaps two implementations of custom fields 
> :-) Several people are using them in production, too. See the relevant 
> Bugzilla bug.

And this doesn't tell you that waiting and nit picking the design to 
death isn't a good idea?
To me, it says the need is so great that people have given up waiting 
for bugzilla developers to "get it right" and implemented it twice on 
their own.

All this FUD about "not having a migration path" is a bit funny, too.
It is, after all, simply data in a database.
It would be pretty hard to develop a working custom field 
implementation that couldn't be transformed into another format.

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