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Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase] bruce.armstrong at teamsybase.com
Tue Mar 23 20:12:32 UTC 2004

What do we do if we notice some mising documentation that there doesn't yet seem to be a bug to address.  In particular, I can't find anything in the current docs that discusses the purpose of the timetrackinggroup param.  Should we open a bug first, or simply submit a change?

Vlad Dascalu <vlad at goobix.com> wrote:As we're getting closer to the 2.18 release, we are increasingly needing 
documentation updates to reflect the code changes that happened during our 
development cycle.

The documentation is stored in CVS in the docs/xml directory using the DocBook 
format; writing patches to update it is a pretty straightforward process.

There are currently 54 bugs for documentation updates (that need XML patches), 
all targeted to 2.18. Some of them have the documentation posted as a comment 
and only need a diff for the XML patch that can be applied to the CVS tip. 
Others need someone to play with the newly introduced feature/enhancement, 
then propose a text that describes it.

If you have any free time, help would be appreciated with those tasks, even if 
it's a simple sentence or a simple diff command. It will also be a great way 
to get involved in the BZ-devel world. You can query for those bugs in 
Bugzilla by searching all bugs from the Documentation component of the 
Bugzilla product.

If you want to help and you have questions don't hesitate to ask. You can find 
justdave and others on #mozwebtools (irc.mozilla.org) for live assistance on 
how to get involved.

(let's make the 2.18 release rock :) )

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