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I'm not convinced that's the best approach.  The Apache repository works fine with 5.8 (with the exception of Chart, which I can't find).  I think it's more a matter of documentation: noting that you need to remove the ActiveState default repository and the names of the modules you really need to search on.  That would be simplier at least.  It's definately more of an issue for 5.6 though.
I'd see it as something that might just be addressed by expanding more in the OS-Specific Installation Notes.  Those changes might also help cover some of the other issues I encountered trying to do an 2.17.7 install on window.  I don't know if it's just an issue with the developers versions, but the following statements in generated errors when I ran it on Windows and had to be commented out:
  my $cvs_executable = `which cvs`;
  my $interdiff_executable = `which interdiff`;
  my $diff_binaries = `which diff`;
Where I kept getting:
'which' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Such changes might also discuss the issue associated with getting it to work with IIS, which the majority of Windows are proabably going to use, even though Apache is available for Windows.

Maxwell Kanat-Alexander <mkanat at> wrote:
On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 12:55, Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase] wrote:
> [snip] It's all very confusing for somebody who is not entirely Perl
> conversant.

Wow, you ain't kiddin' there, partner.

Would it be possible for to host its own PPM repository?
If we have somebody who can make the packages, then it wouldn't be that
hard to keep on top of it, since we know what packages need to be in
there and it's probably not all that many...


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