Flags and the 2.18 push

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Tue Mar 16 05:01:46 UTC 2004

For a while now we've been using short blurbs in the status whiteboard
field to indicate a bugs applicability to non-trunk branches when a bug
applies to multiple branches.  "[wanted for 2.16.6]", "[fixed in 2.16.5]"

Mozilla's been using Flags for this...  should we start doing that for
Bugzilla as well?  The net result would probably be easier searches as well.

Mozilla appears to use two flags for each upcoming version...

The blocking flag is requested by people who nominate the bug to be
included in that release.  Project drivers then grant that flag if they
agree "yes, this should be included in the new release".  This would be
equivalent to me currently setting "[wanted for 2.16.6]" on the status

The approval flag is then equivalent to our existing approval flag, but
only applies to that branch.

My thinking is a single approval flag for each branch that we're actively
supporting (which would currently be "approval2.16", and we'd be adding an
"approval2.18" after we branch for 2.18), and then a blocking flag for each
individual version we plan to release ("blocking2.16.6", "blocking2.16.7"

Any thoughts?  Good idea?  Bad idea?

If we're going to do this it should probably be done in the next day or so
as we're freezing for 2.18 really shortly now (as soon as I get a little
more triage done).
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