2.16 Reviewers?

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Wed Mar 10 08:04:34 UTC 2004

As we're approaching the branch point for 2.18, I'm interested in finding
people who are currently living on the 2.16 branch with no immediate plans
to upgrade who wouldn't mind taking over reviewer duties for the 2.16
branch, since we'll be supporting it still for a while after 2.18 is out,
and most of us who have been dealing with it so far have been living on the
tip and are having a hard time dealing with 2.16 already (as evidenced by
the screw-up with 2.16.4 when we toasted xml.cgi).

What should go on the 2.16 branch?  Low-risk bugfixes and any future
security fixes.

What we need are people who are using a production system in 2.16.x that
are willing to review patches aimed at the 2.16 branch (don't have to
review them on your production system, but the fact that you're still
running it in production means you'll be familiar with it).

Any takers?

I have no objections to having more than one person on this task (actually,
more eyes is better ;)  But our existing folks who have been doing this
have been getting worse and worse at it as the differences between 2.16 and
2.17 continue to grow exponentially. :)

The workload will probably not be that high...  point releases to the 2.16
branch generally come about every 3 to 4 months, and typically have
somewhere between 5 and 15 bugs fixed in them.
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