eGovOS registration

Mitchell Baker Mitchell at
Tue Mar 2 00:04:29 UTC 2004


I did this last night.  I just added a bit about Bugzilla to the Mozilla
one.  So you could do a separate one for Bugzilla, and I'll delete that
one from the Mozilla one.  If I can cooy the Mozilla text out and send
it to you for editing, I'll do that too


Gervase Markham wrote:

> There's a booklet being published for the eGovOS conference 
> ( They want projects to input information to be 
> in it. It'll get given to all attendees, including government IT 
> officials.
> The deadline is today. I plan to fill in the form for Mozilla and 
> Bugzilla appropriately (2 separate forms) and submit it. Someone shout 
> if that's the wrong thing to do (like, for example, you've already 
> done it.)
> Gerv
> Form:

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