eGovOS registration

David Miller justdave at
Mon Mar 1 09:46:27 UTC 2004

On 3/1/2004 9:37 AM +0000, Gervase Markham wrote:

> There's a booklet being published for the eGovOS conference
> ( They want projects to input information to be
> in it. It'll get given to all attendees, including government IT officials.
> The deadline is today. I plan to fill in the form for Mozilla and
> Bugzilla appropriately (2 separate forms) and submit it. Someone shout
> if that's the wrong thing to do (like, for example, you've already done it.)

I was going to suggest that myself.  Go for it.  I started to fill it out,
then realized some of the questions they want answered are a bit beyond my
"advertising to PHB-types" skills :) so I was going to ask for volunteers.
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