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Sat Jan 24 11:12:27 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 19:38, Gervase Markham wrote:

> One of the very good things about our current localisation architecture 
> is that installing new localisations is very simple. You drop a set of 
> templates into template/<lang>/, add the <lang> value to the param list, 
> and you are off to the races. Whatever solution we come up with needs to 
> preserve this. We can't put translations in the database.

I'm not asking for translations in the database.  Values are
configurable and we have no expectation that they will stay the same. 
The rule should be very simple, code went to the template, database
stays in the database.

Translations are *NOT* going to be able to deal with this issue.  Either
way new values aren't going to be translated by default.  We can either
make the administrator deal with the administrator interface, or the
administrator interface AND template modification.

> However, I can see your point that, in the usual case of a single 
> language, the admin does not want to edit templates when he adds or 
> removed customised whatevers (hereafter known as "thingys").

Nor in the multi-language case.  Given we already have good (soon to be)
complete translations that provide all the administrator may well ever
want, the administrator will likely want to avoid the templates if they
otherwise provide the needed functionality.

> When you define a new thingy, you give it a name. This is a string, e.g. 
> WORKSFORME. The thingy can be translated in templates via an override:
> [% thingy_descriptions.thingy || thingy %]

How is this different from what you're proposing in the first place? 
It's not symmetric and it's not clean or easy for the administrator.

> The default Bugzilla thingys are well-known, and translations for them 
> (and perhaps a few common alternatives) will ship in translation packs.

This is NOT just a resolutions issue.  It is also an issue for products,
components, keywords and so on.  Translations are not going to be able
to deal with this issue.

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