2.16.5/2.17.7 release prep

Steven Suson suson at TuckerEnergy.com
Fri Jan 23 20:23:04 UTC 2004


    What is the status of Custom Fields (`a la the previously available 
Custom Fields patch)? Will this be making it into a Stable or 
Development version soon? For the record, it certainly gets my vote! ;-)

Steven Suson

David Miller wrote:

>We're planning a developer's release (2.17.7) for Monday, December 19.
>Anyone who has contributed anything new since 2.17.5 that hasn't yet been
>documented, let's please get some documentation contributed. :)  (That's 4
>days from now, for those that don't have their calendar handy).
>For those of you that are now helping with the docs, this weekend would be
>a REALLY good time to get some of the existing pending documentation bugs
>cleaned up and checked in. :)
>We also need to do a 2.16.5 release, which would be nice to do at the same
>time, but won't necessarily happen if the bugs aren't checked in by then.
>No security updates planned this time, but there are other bugs to fix.
>You can look for bugs with 2.16.5 on the status whiteboard (any bugs, not
>just open ones - status whiteboard also says whether it's fixed on the
>branch or not, so having the status whiteboard in your column list will
>help).  Please help if you can. :) (there aren't many - I count 5 not
>counting docs)

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