Directions In Architectural Redesign

MattyT mattyt-spam at
Fri Jan 23 12:05:21 UTC 2004

Just thought I'd make a quick list where we are probably (possibly?)
looking at going architecture wise.  It's not complete, but it might
interest some people.

Email Templatisation, maybe accompanied by notification redesign (bulk
mod_perl support.
Use of DBI/CGI.
Use of SQL placeholders.
Use of database transactions, where available.
Cross database compatibility - schema, sql, kill/shield db-specific
Consistency of fields - administration interface, features (sortkeys,
isactive, etc), product specific policy.
Separated back end API - integrate, use modules/OOP, use
exceptions.  Also for  Get test suite to test this API.
Use subselects/unions/intersection, once we require MySQL version that
supports them.
Schema data structure - store referential integrity info (and possibly
reuse for other things), support best data type selection for current
database, automate (required additions and deletions get
More capability to "hook" into Bugzilla at various places.
Less hardcoding - customised statuses/resolutions, easier to add
customised fields.
Alternative user interfaces, web services support.

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