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David Miller justdave at
Fri Jan 16 17:59:44 UTC 2004

On 1/16/2004 6:48 AM +0100, Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai wrote:

> -On [20040116 06:42], Bradley Baetz (bbaetz at wrote:
>>Oh, and I should have mentioned - it starts
>>in an hour, so be quick :)
> I often found that updating the bug was slow in returning.  Might be the
> email sending, but I am sure that option is set off on the main
> configuration.

Also involved in that timing is the cost of spawning off a new Perl
interpreter for each email sent.  2.17.3ish introduced a perl module to
handle the mailing (replacing the processmail script), which runs in the
same process with the web CGI instead of spawning a new Perl interpreter,
and it's a quite dramatic speed improvement.  Note that is (until next weekend) still running 2.17.1.
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