bug_email.pl and bugzilla_append_email.pl

Albert Ting altlst at sonic.net
Mon Feb 16 23:21:13 UTC 2004

Wow, it's great to see all the interest.  Well, here's a detailed list of
what I've added to our system:

  - add @cc support
  - support the initialcclist table
  - auto-scans subject line for "Subject: [<product>] ..." to
    determine the product.  I'll probably extend this to
  - if not specified, always default to the first component/version found
  - after submitting (or appending), auto-emails to the reporter, qa, cc,
    owner, etc.
  - procmail hacks to filter out "on-vacation" messages
  - when appending
    - auto-strip the Subject text if it's redundant (similar to the bug's
      summary text)
    - auto-update the delta_ts field

BTW, I like the ability for the tool to just trust the "From:" line and not
verify it's from the original owner.  Our system is only for internal use,
hence it's "safe".  It's nice to append emails sent from other folks to a
bug, yet have it appear it was posted by that person.  Granted, this
shouldn't be the default behavior, but I'd still want this supported.

As for the ability to close/modify bugs via email/command-line, it would be
nice but not a necessity for us.


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