Proper test installation?

David Miller justdave at
Tue Dec 14 14:00:22 UTC 2004

Jake wrote:
> Just going through some old mails and was wondering if this ever went 
> anywhere? Being that this would be a test installation, it may be 
> acceptable to have some kind of a "promote me to admin" link so that 
> prospective users can get a look at the admin interfaces, too. We may 
> also wish to do resets more often if we allow people to change install 
> options.
> If we wanted to go one step further, we could make 
> and 
> (etc). On the stable installs, we 
> could put any/all available localized templates along with the 
> appropriate setting in editparams.cgi.
> If we wanted to provide the ability for somebody to try out the admin 
> interface but didn't wanna promote them in this existing install, we 
> could provide a link for "create a new install with me as the admin." 
> This install could be flagged for deletion in one week.
> In all these instances, it would be nice if the header said somewhere in 
> it when the reset/deletion will occur. "This install is scheduled for 
> (reset|deletion) in 3 days. These scripts would mostly be landfill 
> specific things and would require little to no modifications of the 
> Bugzilla codebase.

/me drools...   :)

Yeah, this would be way cool.  We already have scripts for creating and 
destroying Bugzilla installs on demand on that box (which clone the 
"official" install with that version number and make a specific person 
the owner of the files on the filesystem), and I've actually been doing 
that for folks from time to time (but having to go back and manually 
delete them if I remember later).

I've got three people in queue for it right now, in fact, but it's stuck 
at the moment, because it hasn't been updated since we created the 2.18 
branch to know how to deal with 2.18 (and soon 2.20).  Since the scripts 
to do it need to be setuid root for fairly obvious reasons (chowning 
files to an arbitrary user), all that stuff is hard-coded in the script 
for security, so the scripts need a little more love than just adding a 
line to a config file. :)

Of course, a config file would be safe if it was only writable by root, 
so making it be able to use a config file would probably be a good 
thing, looking to the future.

Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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