Proper test installation?

Jake jake at
Tue Dec 14 03:57:35 UTC 2004

Just going through some old mails and was wondering if this ever went 
anywhere? Being that this would be a test installation, it may be 
acceptable to have some kind of a "promote me to admin" link so that 
prospective users can get a look at the admin interfaces, too. We may 
also wish to do resets more often if we allow people to change install 

If we wanted to go one step further, we could make and (etc). On the stable installs, we 
could put any/all available localized templates along with the 
appropriate setting in editparams.cgi.

If we wanted to provide the ability for somebody to try out the admin 
interface but didn't wanna promote them in this existing install, we 
could provide a link for "create a new install with me as the admin." 
This install could be flagged for deletion in one week.

In all these instances, it would be nice if the header said somewhere in 
it when the reset/deletion will occur. "This install is scheduled for 
(reset|deletion) in 3 days. These scripts would mostly be landfill 
specific things and would require little to no modifications of the 
Bugzilla codebase.

Gervase Markham wrote:

> I had an idea while doing the docs:
> How about another Bugzilla installation on Landfill:
> It would run the tip, but differ from bugzilla-tip/ in one key 
> respect: there would be a clean database with a few sensible bugs in 
> various states, a few accounts, products and components with 
> sensible-looking default owners (but listed in "nomail"), a decent 
> history of reporting data - i.e. a typical "small Bugzilla" - which it 
> would reset to every weekend. So user accounts and bug changes would 
> be removed.
> Additionally, unlike bugzilla-tip, it would have all features enabled.
> Then, we could reference this system in the documentation for demo and 
> example, without fear that it'll have changed beyond recognition, or a 
> documented feature won't be present.
> Is this worth having? Is it too much work? What do people think?
> Gerv
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