[Analysis] Templates: The good, the bad, the ugly

Jake jake at bugzilla.org
Thu Dec 9 00:00:38 UTC 2004

> Christopher Hicks wrote:
>> Agreed.  My vote would be for Apache::ASP over TT, but TT would
>> obviously have been a contender because of its popularity if not because
>>  of its elegance.  :)  Mason and HTML::Template would probably round
>> out the real contenders.
> I assume we're not seriously considering changing horses at this stage
> in the race?

I certainly would hope not... this message was not intended to be a "let's
redo the templates" message at all. In fact, I said in my initial message
that "there won't be a next time for implimenting templates in Bugzilla"
which should also apply to the concept of reimplimenting them.

FWIW, that is one reason I avoided the mention of any alternatives and
instead just made general comments :).

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