Driving towards Bugzilla 3

Vlad Dascalu vladd at bugzilla.org
Wed Dec 8 19:59:41 UTC 2004


> Ian himself has admitted that some of his abstraction ideas resulted 
> in completely unacceptable performance problems, and thus would be 
> unusable in a production environment anyway.  (That's among the 
> reasons he gave up on the rewrite).

Abstraction can be performed at many layers, and not all of them lead to 
performance problems. For example, custom fields could be implemented in 
such a way that the table structure changes every time a new field is 
added/removed, and we could have a couple of conversion scripts between 
those table structure.

There are a lot of ways to reach the 3.0 goals and not all of them have 
performance problems, although some are uglier/complicated compared to 
others. The trick is to found the balance between performance, 
abstractization and beauty of the code :)


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