mozilla/webtools/bugzilla/docs/xml Bugzilla-Guide.xml installation.xml

Jake jake at
Wed Dec 8 11:54:05 UTC 2004

David Miller wrote:

> cvsmailfilter at wrote:
>> Diffs: 
>> Changes committed by
>> Update of /cvsroot/mozilla/webtools/bugzilla/docs/xml
>> In directory megalon:/tmp/cvs-serv11935
>> Modified Files:
>>     Bugzilla-Guide.xml installation.xml Log Message:
>> Bug 265995 - Make the docs closer to being valid XML (note: to 
>> complete the process the bz-devel ENTITY would have to be removed).
>> Patch by Colin S. Ogilvie <colin.ogilvie at> with half 0f it 
>> being removed by myself.
> Let's complete the process.  Let's figure out what's being 
> conditionally changed based on that and unconditionally display it on 
> the trunk, and remove it on the branches.  And let's get it documented 
> with our "what to do as we prepare for a release" as to what needs to 
> be removed in the release versions.
For this curious, this is bug 273519 

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