Driving towards 2.18

Vlad Dascalu vlad at goobix.com
Tue Dec 7 19:52:25 UTC 2004

Hello guys!

http://tinyurl.com/5359o is an URL that lists all the 2.18 release 
blockers. Currently we have 11 bugs that have to be resolved in order 
for 2.18 to get it out of the door. We need help getting those resolved!

2.18 is in freeze mode for 9 months now, and lately we haven't made a 
lot of progress in that direction. Although we've been lately succesful 
at getting people to contribute more and checking in more contributions 
and more patches, sometimes that is not enough. It's up to the Bugzilla 
devel community to be able to successfully drive towards a stable, solid 

In an ideal world, every developer would contribute only things that are 
interesting for him. However, from time to time, we reach the period 
when releases should be out of the door, and aren't. If we, developers, 
aren't able, as a group, to deal with the release blockers, we'll end 
with having 4 or 5 branches: one that is very stable and made 10 years 
ago, 3 branches that are in various phases of release candidates, and 
one devel branch, that is frozen to features :-). Either that or we 
release low quality Bugzillas, which I don't see happening :-)

So, it is in the interest of everybody to get 2.18 out of the door; 
probably at the same time Dave will decide to make 2.20rc1 out of the 
2.19 branch, and we'll branch for commiting features (those have been 
pilling up recently as well). If you have some free time, as a Bugzilla 
developer or reviewer, the 2.18 bugs are out there for you! :-)

http://tinyurl.com/5359o includes (currently) 11 bugs. 5 are awaiting a 
patch, 5 are pending review, and one needs some additional 
investigation. If anybody needs additional help in making progress, 
speak out :-)

I'll try to do my share as well, although I don't have lots of time 
these days.

So, shall we take 2.18 out of the door? :-)


P.S.: The above are personal insights/opinions and aren't related with 
the official Bugzilla development

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